InCapsula is an artistic project founded in 2018 by the Italian Berlin-based dancer-choreographer Enrico Paglialunga and the composer – sound designer Giacomo Mattogno. Seeking out for experimental collaborations, we aim to develop an innovative fusion of arts accessible to everyone with the desire to involve professional artists as well as amateurs and people that usually remains extraneous to contemporary art. InCapsula world is made of: live performances, live music concerts powered by NordpathRecords, laboratories for community-amateurs-professionals and public participation formats. Our first project ‘Shape of moving waves’ branches out in a sound – movement performance in its Solo and Group version, Public participation format and Community Lab. With “Shape of moving waves”, comes to life the music project of Giacomo Matt inspired from the several experiment occurred in the last months, exploring Electronic Bio-Arts. InCapsula – Giacomo Matt.

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