Eplay Practice

Eplay Practice

Floorwork technique practise by Enrico Paglialunga

The practice is focused mainly on floorwork technique facilitated by the integration of the main principles of the
flyinglow technique and moments dedicated to improvisation tasks. It is structured in two main directions:
technique and work on set sequences.
The training starts with a logical, suitable and safe progressive warm-up to prepare the body to the study of
specific movement mechanics on the floor and standing. Floorwork technique changes the relationship of the
body to gravity and requires dancers to navigate between the highest and lowest levels (“getting in and out of the
floor”). By a preliminary understanding of the relation between the body anatomy and the floor, I give clear
instructions, explanations and demonstrations in verbal, non-verbal forms, and I offer the students all the
necessary tools to access the technique and movement sequences on the floor-standing. In my practice the
space is considered as a 3D spherical space and any direction is a possible pathway to direct movement,
changing constantly our forehead and levels, we abandon a two-dimensional idea of the body’s relationship with
A series of playful exercises helps the students to improve the cooperation of body and mind towards the
assimilation of an integrated system that develops our skills through work on sense-body planning and
coordination , stamina, reinforcement of the kinaesthetic system, speed, musicality, physicality and precision in

Further on we continue introducing more complicated movement vocabulary which guide the group in a
playground area to connect the sequences learned to energy, dynamics, satisfaction through our dancing and
sharing with the group.
For me it is fundamental to create an encouraging and respectful environment where students are given equal
opportunities to learn and develop their dance skills, to accept reasonable challenges and to take risks with
teacher support.

Video training 1 https://vimeo.com/283313748
video training 2 https://vimeo.com/226891716

Biography :
Enrico Paglialunga is an Italian dancer-teacher-young choreographer based in Berlin and co-founder of the
project InCapsula , an artistic project focused on interdisciplinary performances, open laboratories formats and
professional dance training. Since 2015 Enrico teaches in various dance centers and theaters in Europe such as
Tanzfabrik Berlin, Marameo Berlin, Dock11 Berlin, TanzKompanie des landesbühnen Sachsen, WeeDance
company Gh-Theater, Profitraining Leipzig, Ig Tanz Ost St.Gallen,Profitraining Basel, Tanzhaus Zurich, OffDance
Zurich, Iwanson International School of Contemporary, National Dance Academy Rome and TROIS
He worked for projects in Europe and USA , dancing for TanzTheater International Hannover, Helena Waldmann,
Brice Mousset, Enzo Celli, WeeDance Company, Theater Strahl & DeDansers, Sonia Rodriguez, Transforma
Berlin and choreographing for National Dance Academy Rome, Tanzfabrik Berlin, WeeDance Company, Idea
Festival Amman, co-choreographer for ‘babylon Berlin’ and rehearsal director in ‘De Fesche mode’ GhTheater.
Enrico is currently attending a dance movement therapy education at Arte.do/ University of Salento (IT).

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