Part of the Saint Louis College of Music I studied the craft of sound engineering and music production. This education lead to a life as a performer, composer and sound designer for film and documentary. My desire to study electronic music and the relationship between movement and sound was enhanced by the culture of Berlin, where I moved in 2014. Here I found a container of inspirations and began my personal experiments in art.

mentors and collaborators

Enrico Paglialunga, Isabella Spescha, David August, Michael Gracioppo, Sasch, Tidiane Cacique, Stacy.O, Sonia Rodriguez, Maria Novella Tattanelli, Eric Alonzo, Silvia Martella, Vittorio Bonanni, Lucia Circo, Cesare Zomparelli and more.

Performances | Live Concerts | Projects

Project in collaboration with: InCapsula (Enrico Paglialunga) InQdrt (Isabella Spescha), CIAsoniarodriguez (Sonia Rodriguez), Eric Alonzo, Maria Novellla Tattanelli, Giacomo Corvaia, Silvia Martella, Sasch (Rebel Vision Record)


Music (created and live performed)


Concept and Choreography


Wannanders is a project of InQdr, collective from Aarau located at the intersection between contemporary dance and the athletic discipline parkour.

InQdrt combines two forms of movement into an artistic performance and thus invents a new stage language, which is primarily aimed at a young audience. Guided by the choreographer Isabelle Spescha they develop a movement language and theatrical framework of a performance.

how does my body change in different environments?
how do we change each others?
When do changes happen?
How fast can I adapt to a new situation?

In this piece, a group of young men from the Parkour section, explore these questions by moving into the unknown territory of contemporary dance and choreography.  They are challenged to become aware of and question their physical identity and movement habits and venture into a new terrain.

InCapsula_shape of moving waves

Music (created and live performed)




InCapsula is a multidisciplinary project born in 2018 by the encounter of dancer & choreographer Enrico Paglialunga and the musician & composer Giacomo Mattogno. The Berlin based duo explores various art languages manifesting the results in performances, live concerts, laboratories and public participatory formats.

Throughout the contamination of arts, oftentimes in collaboration with artists from different backgrounds, InCapsula aims to create authentic works designed for theaters, urban and unconventional spaces.

Inspired by the physics of sound and its molecular propagation in the air, “Shape of moving waves” seeks a profound fusion between the artistic language of music, lights and movement sharing a space defined by a grid on the floor. With each variation of sound elements, a multitude of particles propagate in different directions, defining forms and trajectories of movement.

Junction to Humanity

Live Act_Music (created and live performed)



(by nordpath and rebel vision records)

Junction To Humanity is a Berlin based electronic duo that incorporates dream-like sound patterns with analog technology and human emotion.

Spawned from the fertile music circles of Berlin in 2017, a chance encounter between Roman native producer Giacomo Mattogno and Californian musician Eric Alonzo would lead to the formation of this performance-driven electronic project.

Focused on performing live the development of emotion and visual experience, Junction To Humanity brings a deep bass and rythmicdriven force to the stage while cultivating the transformation of emotions from the primitive to the technological dystopian feeling of the future.

InCapsula_The Body Frame

Live Act_Music (created and live performed)


Choreography and Visual


In “ The Body Frame”, the duo looks for an immersive art experience between the fusion of a live concert with a visual concept made by a performing body and projections.

The music travels through a width range of emotions to transmit a dramaturgic path crossing multiple scenes reminiscent of theater chapters. The concept try to look for an intelligible key able to create a symbiosis to bring the audience closer to the artist.

A soul’s journey towards each chapter that contains various state of mind, memories and pictures. Dynamic grooves, glitchy techno beats,, space guitars and cinematic soundscapes merge a complementary visual that emphasizes the emotional core of the sound.

Light House

Original Music (created and live performed)


Choreography and Dancers


Light House is a interdisciplinary performance project in collaboration with the dancer Sonia Rodriguez (ciasoniarodriguez).

What happens when you leave your homeland, your mother language and common sense, and you enter into this uncertain space where there are no longer references? What we leave behind keeps evolving, developing a life while we are not there. You are still there but as an absent presence. How do we deal with this doble status?.

We are moving in a new world, we carry our own known world as a invisible shadow.

After me (movie)

Original Sound track and Sound Design


Concept and Direction




After me’ is an exploratory interactive research aiming to generate content and a future development of concepts for the digital space.

We perceive the urgency to re-evaluate the potential of digital space and the desire to explore new forms of artistic production with the intention of merging contemporary performing arts with film grammar and the interactive multimedia world.

Music Releases

Project in collaboration with: Nordpath records, Rebel vision records, Digital paradox records.


Surrender – Ep

Nordpath Records



Live Set


After Me – Lp

Rebel Vision Records

Release date:

To Be Announced

Vinyl (PreOrder)




4 th April 2022 – Wannanders (InQdrt) – Live Performance – Aarau (Switzerland)

23th April 2022 – Shape of moving waves (InCapsula) – Live Performance – Verona (Italy)


as Sound Engineer

cinema and television

Dubbing recording, editor/mixer dialogue synchronization, audio/video editing and post production, soundtracks composer, mixing of: tv shows, documentary, short films, soundtracks.

More than 10 years of experience as a re-recording mixer, sound and dialogue editor for cinema and television.

Perfect knowledge of various Digital Audio Workstation such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reaper, Logic, Audition. Advanced skills with third-party audio plug-ins for managing audio in music, television and cinema.

Good knowledge of audio and video editing softwares. Great ability to organize and manage different post-production projects, fulfilling with extreme precision and punctuality clients’ indications. Advanced knowledge of the audio workflow in music and post-production environments, from data capture to the final delivery. Good team spirit, ability of adapting to dynamic and multicultural environments, good interpersonal communication skills.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (cinema – 20th Fox), The Big Bang Theory (tv), Devil’s due (cinama – 20th Fox) and many more…
The Session (cinema – 20th Fox), Trance (cinema – 20th Fox), The Big Bang Theory (tv – Mediaset) and many more…
The Big Bang Theory (tv – Mediaset) and many more…

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Take sounds from the earth and send it into the world through performances.

Work at the service of other form of arts and learn from all the spoken languages.

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