Urban Shape

Urban Shape


Sound and Movement Performance

” Shape of moving waves” is a dialogue between dance and music,

inspired by the physics of sound and its molecular propagation in

the air. In the continuous research to represent the form of sound

and its variation in space (defined by a grid on the floor), an

interactive game between sound and movement comes to life.

The law of the physics of sound – as metaphor – is the link between

the two artistic languages. In an attempt to dominate over the

other, dance and music seek a compromise to coexist in the grid and

address crucial issues such as acceptance and dependence,

“the eyes see what the ear can hear.”

Concept : InCapsula

Original music (live) : Giacomo Mattogno

Choreography and performace: Enrico Paglialunga

Durata: 20’ca.


Ada Studio (DE), Tanzfabrik (DE), Teatro Assoli (IT), TenDance

Festival (IT), Nordpath Records Showcase (DE), Nah Dran (DE), Bonsai

Festiavl (IT), Fusion festival (DE), Idea Festival Amman (JOR),

At.tension Festival (DE)


The public is invited to

experience the interactive

setting of the performance

in a partecipative game with

sound and movement open to

everybody. Duration 15’ca.

“Beautiful artistic metaphor”

A t . Te n s i o n Festival


by Mapping Dance Berlin/Tanz Buro, European Fund (ERDF), the State

of Berlin, Uferstudios Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Movimento Danza

Napoli and Nordpath Records Berlin.

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