Who we are

Who we are

We are Enrico Paglialunga and Giacomo Mattogno, dancer-choreographer and musician-composer, and co-founders of the
InCapsula project. InCapsula is the ‘site’ for multidisciplinary encounters between dance and music, in collaboration with artists
and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds – encounters which translate into performances, live concerts, workshops
and open participatory formats.

Our works are an artistic, political and social reflection on the reality which surrounds us. Community involvement is
fundamental, creating space for mutual exchange, human connection, and welcoming new voices in.
We create authentic works designed for theaters, urban and unconventional spaces.

InCapsula’s work has been presented in various Festivals, theaters and unconventional spaces like:
Idea Festival Amman (JO), Fusion festival (DE), At.tension Festival (DE), Ada Studio Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Teatro Assoli
Napoli (IT) , TenDance Festival (IT), Bonsai Festival (IT), , Nao performing festival (IT), Uferstudios Berlin and Nordpath
Records Showcase Berlin

‘ We make artworks for the people and with the people we create and explore, celebrating inclusion and beauty of diversity’

Lucia Circo – architect & social media manager

Joana Cooreida- graphic & design

MariaNovellaTattanelli- dancer perfomer

Myra Eetgerink – actresses dancer perfomer

Ilaria Chiusolo – architect

Fabio Iocco – astrophysics

Silvia martella – dancer & architect

Isabel spescha – dancer & choreographer

Martina Cavinato – film maker

Cesare Zomparelli – Photographer & film maker

Vittorio Bonanni – Photographer & film maker

Sonia Rodriguez – dancer & choreographer

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